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Beard Blog: A little bit about the owner

Hello to all my bearded brothers and sisters! This is my first time blogging and I was looking to give you all a little insight about myself and why I founded this company.

First thing's first, I have always had a beard when I could. I always had to shave in the winter time because I was a wrestler (high school and college). The past couple of years I have grown some pretty nice beards. I would always grow them for 5-7 months and be done because either it was wrestling season or I was coaching wrestling and I would pull my beard hairs out in one spot because I was nervous (yeah, pretty weird). I would have a bald spot, not cool. I In the past, while growing my beards, I used a couple of brands of beard oils - I will not say which brands but they were a couple reputable companies - they didn't provide the qualities I was looking for. I would still get beard-ruff (dandruff in the beard) and a crazy itch. My beard would still feel unhealthy; maybe it was because my beard is like a Brillo pad, maybe those products just weren't for me.

More onto the oils: after testing some other brands, I did some research. One of them had two main ingredients in it (Jojoba, Apricot); good ingredients, however this formula did not provide my beard the proper nutrients it needed for full, healthy growth. The second oil I used was a very big name company they had some nice carrier oils in it but they weren't ones often seen in the commercial beard market. Maybe they were trying to be that different company and gain the competitive edge, but my beard was even more unhealthy using this brand.

I started researching a year and a half ago and tried to gather as much knowledge of beards as I could. I started looking into what carrier oils where the best for beard balms and beard oils and I started testing. After a year and a few months of growing beards and trying my own blends I found the best blend that got rid of beard-ruff, stopped the itch, and gave it a very healthy, full look. Much trial and error went into finding the perfect blend.

We have been in business about two months now and we have come along way. I am in the business to help people enjoy growing their beards again. My goal is to help all of you bearded folks grow a healthy, well-nourished beard. What is the point of having a beard if you are not going to take care of it? Many people have been skeptical of it but when they try it they love our product! I use only the finest ingredients in all of my products. For what they have in them, the prices for my oils and balms are the most affordable in the industry. You are getting a real bang for your buck.

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