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Winterizing your beard

Hey, you bearded brothers, winter is approaching fast and I want to give you all a little insight on how to "winterize" your beard. You may not realize how brutal the elements can be on those precious whiskers. In the winter, if your beard is not taken care of properly it can become brittle, dry and look like crap. It is like not changing the oil in your vehicle, it will perform like crap. The same thing goes for your diet; if you eat crap, you feel like crap.

First, in order to winterize your beard, you need to trim it up, get rid of those split ends and the straggler hairs (the ones that are sticking out making you look like a wildman). When trimming it up, get your clippers and go ever so slightly over the hairs that are sticking out after you comb your beard.

Next, when you folks are showering, only wash your beards once to twice a week. Soap can actually damage your beard by pulling the oils and nutrients out of it. This can lead to dryness and damage. What I like to do is use soap a couple times a week, then the other days I will just rinse with water or use conditioner. After the shower, make sure you comb your beard very thoroughly with your wooden combs or boar brushes.

Since it is getting colder out, you need to worry about protecting your beard as much as possible. After you are finished combing it out and have your beard dry or partially damp (whichever your beard prefers) use our beard oil mixed with our beard balm or stache wax. This is like chap stick for your beard, it protects from brittleness and dryness. It keeps your beard and skin both moisturized and conditioned throughout the day.

We hope this helps you bearded brethren and remember Beard On!

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