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Tired of having a dry & brittle beard?

Hey folks, are you sick of having a dry and brittle beard? Are you on the verge of putting that evil razor to your face and starting over? We are here to help you get it under control, and have a nice soft healthy beard!

Why is my beard always dry and brittle?

The major reason is using shampoo off of the shelf! These shampoos contain harsh chemicals that are very unhealthy for your beard. They strip natural oils from your beard which causes your beard to become brittle and dry. We all hate having an itchy beard, it is annoying and very inconvenient. Our solution is our beard wash, it is formulated specifically for beards and it is all natural! It will replenish your beard with the right nutrients it needs to become healthier and fuller!

How many times a week should I wash my beard?

We recommend 3-4 times a week. This should be enough to keep your beard soft and healthy! Do not over do it because it is over use of the product and you will be buying more sooner than later!

After I wash my beard, what's next?

For best results, dry your beard completely, then apply beard oil or beard balm. Do not have a damp beard when applying because oil and water do not mix! If your beard is short we recommend using the beard oil. If your beard is 1 inch or longer we recommend the balm. For best results apply oil first for softness and then apply balm for shape!

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